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Here's your chance to get consistent
returns like a PRO, without the years
of training.

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Monthly Credit Spread trade alerts
with up to 90% success rate!

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Save time and energy with our concise
trade alerts. The numbers you need
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All the consistent returns of a trading pro in a simple monthly email alert. Your cheat sheet to the investment test has arrived!

Professionals use Iron Condor Trading – now its YOUR turn

When you live in the trading world, you need to see consistent results to ensure you’re maximizing each and every trade. That’s why we at Credit Spread Cheat Sheet specialize in the tried-and-true Iron Condor trading strategies that utilize the Russell 2000 (RUT) index.

The Iron Condor is a non-directional option trading strategy which safeguards our subscribers by limiting their risk, while simultaneously ensuring they have a large probability of earning a consistent profit.

Our trade alerts feature raw data which allows our subscribers to easily visualize and implement excellent returns whether the market is up, down, or neutral. What’s more, our alerts save you the time and hassle of coming up with numbers yourself, so you can focus on the returns.

The mark of an excellent trader is the ability to make consistent returns over time. Achieving that kind of success usually takes years of fine tuning a strategy and significant losses along the way. Our trade alerts give you the opportunity to duplicate the trades today that took us years to master and capture consistent returns…all in a simple email alert.

The Profits of a Professional Trader – without the Stress

There was nothing better than having a “cheat sheet” when it came time to taking a test in school. So why not have one when you’re trying to invest in your financial future?

Our high-impact, always consistent trade alerts ensure you never miss an opportunity to create a trade. At Credit Spread Cheat Sheet, we always stay vigilant when it comes to the ever-changing market, so you can continue focusing on things that matter most to you — friends, family, fun, and finances.

When you utilize our Credit Spread Cheat Sheet alerts, you’ll not only have everything you need to pass the “monthly credit spread test,” you will have the opportunity to create consistent, reliable returns that make the most impact on your finances. You already have enough to worry about, so stop spending hours poring over numbers, trying to understand difficult candlestick charts, or wasting time trying to make a solid return out of a bad strategy.

With Credit Spread Cheat Sheet, you’ll maximize your returns, without the stress and headaches of the day-to-day chart watching.

Looking to "toe-dip" into our alerts? The Monthly Subscription is right for you.

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THE BEST VALUE! Our Yearly Subscription gives you all the alerts you will need for a year of credit spread trading at the very best price. For the trader looking to MAXIMIZE RETURNS.
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All I wanted was a trading system that gave me consistent returns without me having to keep my eyes on a screen all day. Credit Spread Cheat Sheet has been a godsend. Can’t argue with their results.